Real versatility and great flexibility of all Sempatap production processes

Sempatap's 7 key production processes can be combined as desired to offer each industrial customer a vast range of technical possibilities, as well as solutions perfectly adapted to all their needs.


Sempatap production process: Padding

Rotary printing

Process de fabrication Sempatap : Impression rotative

Possibility of transfer printing with one or more cylinders

Lick roller

Sempatap production process: Lick roller

Height foaming and calendering

Sempatap production process: Height foaming and calendering

Shape foaming and calendering

Sempatap production process: Shape foaming and calendering


Sempatap production process: Embossing


Sempatap production process: Lamination

In-line continuous standard laminations:

  • on flexible coated composites
  • with self-adhesive film
  • with heat-shrink film
  • with flexible waterproof film
  • on textiles

Off-line laminations*:

  • on rigid composites
  • all materials

* Every customer substrate undergoes pre-validation tests by the Sempatap Design Office

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