Sempatap has invented Wraptech®, the high-density latex insulation

Sempatap has developed innovative technology allowing air to be trapped in liquid latex. Once it has cooled, this becomes an a high-quality, effective insulation material, thanks to its air pockets.
The result: Wraptech® foam from Sempatap.

Insulation: the leading property of Wraptech®

The air pockets and high density of Wraptech® latex give it remarkable sound and thermal insulation properties. The Wraptech® air pockets provide effective insulation against both extreme temperatures and noise.

The Wraptech® technology can be used in construction finishing works, with insulation materials dedicated to providing a comfortable living or working space. Sempatap markets these insulation materials under the following brands: SempaTap®, SempaFloor® and SempaPhon®. In particular, sound absorption is one of the areas of excellence underlying Sempatap's long-established reputation.

Wraptech® does much more than just insulate…

For the purposes of comparison and unlike other reputed insulation materials (wood, polystyrene, fibreglass, rock wool, natural fibre, etc.), Wraptech® gives Sempatap products highly superior, exceptional qualities that make a big difference:

  • resistance to damp and vapour diffusion
  • shape memory
  • dimensional stability
  • remarkable elongation
  • quality and durability
  • versatile implementation
  • breathability

All of these characteristics provide added benefits sought by construction professionals, for successful and lasting use. Wraptech® insulating and absorbent foam is unique on the French market, and is subject to numerous current developments.

The industrial versatility of Wraptech®

Wraptech® is also used by many industries to be affixed to, complexed with or combined with a wide variety of materials: concrete, tiles, aluminium (non-exhaustive list, subject to prior testing).

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