Insulates and protects against noise nuisance!

The SempaPhon® ISO anti-noise barrier® stops sound spreading from room to room, or to the surrounding area.

The Mass-Spring-Mass (MSM) de SempaPhon® physical principle used by SempaPhon® ISO provides exceptional sound insulation.

Sound proof insulation performances of SempaPhon ISO on a brick partition for different noises: voice, radio/television, vacuum cleaner
SempaPhon ISO works using the MSM (Mass Spring Mass) principle and offers effective soundproofing thanks to Wraptech latex foam.

This table shows the main technical characteristics in terms of soundproofing and thermal insulation for SempaPhon ISO.

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SempaPhon ISO sound insulation is perfect for soundproofing walls or light partitions.

SempaPhon® ISO

  • Assembly of a non-woven component on fibreglass imbibed with SBR Wraptech® latex foam, with a mineral fibre board.
  • Perfect for use on walls to renovate a light partition.

Essential complements and recommended tools, points to note for a successful application of your chosen SempaPhon® product

Special adhesives, potential painting, joins, dealing with corners, recommended tools... all the information you need to successfully apply and finish your product. Please also pay attention to the actions to avoid.

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