Innovative surface treatments & latex solutions

: Discover the added values of Sempatap Partnership’s solutions.

With Sempatap Partnership’s®we add significant technical, physical and/or aesthetic value to woven or non-woven fabric substrates for the products or components of our customers in industry.

Sempatap’s technical solutions are universal and can be adapted to numerous substrates and materials: wood, aluminium, concrete, tiles, PVC, plastic, leather, etc.

All customer substrates undergo pre-validation tests by the Sempatap Design Office.

With its tailored expertise,
Sempatap is the partner of all industrial sectors!

Thanks to its coating expertise, Sempatap is the partner to industry customers.

Discover our range of technical solutions for all industries

The main industrial applications
of Sempatap Partnership’s® customers

Universal coating solutions from Sempatap® are used in a large number of industries.
For exemples:


  • cars, buses, lorries
  • rail
  • aeronautics
  • etc.


  • compressors
  • generators
  • machine tools
  • etc.


  • furniture
  • kitchens
  • mattresses
  • etc.


  • sports mats (gym, martial arts, etc.)
  • insulation under parquet or floors in gyms
  • etc.


  • flooring
  • wall finishing
  • DIY
  • etc.


  • non-slip treatment of surfaces
  • table linen
  • insulation for hotels and restaurants
  • industrial textiles
  • equipment goods
  • etc.

Sempatap Partnership's® :
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