Insulates and absorbs floor impact noise!

The high density of Wraptech® latex from SempaFloor® insulates and protects surrounding areas from floor impact noises. SempaFloor® is the insulation range using Wraptech® latex underlay, ideal for all floors.

SempaFloor® also helps to combat thermal bridges and reduces cold floor sensations. It is compatible with underfloor heating systems. SempaFloor® products are available in latex insulation thicknesses of 2 to 4 mm, according to their uses. Its high density is synonymous with weight, and it mainly helps to neutralise floor impact noises.

The general characteristics of SempaFloor®

  • Sound insulation of floors against impact noises
  • Thin and effective acoustic underlay
  • Surface levelling
  • Levelling according to thickness
  • Can be applied to all finishing surfaces (tiles, all kinds of parquet flooring, PVC, carpet, etc.)
  • Combats the cold floor sensation

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Exclusives from SempaFloor®

SempaFloor soundproofing solutions can be applied to all finishing surfaces (tiles, carpets, glued or floating parquet, PVC floors, etc.)

SempaFloor® is synonymous with high-performance sound absorption and thermal insulation products.

SempaFloor® Karo and SempaFloor® Wood Plus are 2 SempaFloor® exclusives for renovation and finishing that will give more added value to the work of tilers and parquet floor layers.

Useful notes

  • Glued or floating installation
  • Glued installation recommended to optimise sound insulation on floors
  • density provides effective insulation and durability
  • Dimensional stability in damp conditions
  • For mould removal, leave surface at a room temperature of 20°C (minimum) and 50% relative humidity in the air
  • Must be installed perpendicular to the floor covering

Essential complements and recommended tools, points to note for a successful installation of your chosen SempaFloor® product

Special adhesives, potential painting, joins, dealing with corners, recommended tools... all the information you need to successfully apply and finish your product. Please also pay attention to the actions to avoid.

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