The specialist in low-thickness thermal and sound insulation for buildings

Real expertise at the service
of professionals, individuals and industry

Since 1979, Sempatap has been the benchmark brand for low-thickness thermal insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption for buildings.

Wraptech® latex foam is at the heart of every Sempatap insulation product. Its very high density guarantees remarkable insulation and absorption performance from SempaTap®, SempaFloor® and SempaPhon® solutions. These buildings solutions are designed to meet the needs of individuals. They are accessible to all finishing an internal fittings professionals, and to renovation enthusiasts.

Construction fittings traders, paint specialists, and internal finishings product specialists distribute Sempatap products to professional customers.

Sempatap has also formed industrial partnerships in various business sectors. It gives its customers in industry the benefits of its expertise in the processing and application of Wraptech® high-density latex products. Sempatap develops tailored solutions based on the most rigorous industrial specifications. Sempatap thus frequently works on co-development projects. The company is well-known among its many partners for its consulting expertise.

Effective and innovative insulation and absorption solutions

For almost 40 years, Sempatap has been cultivating innovation by developing low-thickness building insulation solutions that are effective, environmentally friendly and suitable for all types of sites, both new and undergoing renovation, as well as for various applications (walls, partitions, ceilings, floors and floor coverings).

Striving to improve comfort and quality of life in homes and workplaces, SempaTap® offers thermal insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption products with SempaFloor® and SempaPhon®. These products provide:

  • insulation against external noise nuisance (neighbourhood noise),
  • absorption of all kinds of internal noises, floor impacts and reverberation,
  • reduction of external noise nuisance (e.g. road, rail or air traffic),
  • insulation against the cold inside buildings,
  • protection of buildings and rooms against damp caused by thermal bridges,
  • coverage for cracks in walls and ceilings,
  • real energy savings.

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PREKOPRO® : experts at your service

With PREKOPRO®, its customer hotline, Sempatap provides technical assistance. Whatever the business sector or industry type, Sempatap is always there to provide effective help on all matters of thermal insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption. Another benefit on top of the numerous added values of Sempatap products.

The aim of PREKOPRO®: to give you the best Sempatap experience, ensuring perfect implementation of insulation solutions!

Sempatap is looking for new partners
in France and internationally

As part of its development strategy, Sempatap has decided that in order to conquer a wider market, new synergies need to be created to bring growth to its activity in France and internationally. Sempatap is therefore recruiting partners in the following domains: distribution, sourcing of raw materials, commercial representatives or agents, subcontractors, co-contractors, design and marketing of new products, etc.

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