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Sempatap has created 3 effective, low-thickness, insulating product families designed primarily for sound and heat insulation, and sound absorption. SempaTap®, SempaFloor®and SempaPhon® are used by buildings professionals and individuals, in internal renovation and in new constructions.

Sempatap's low thickness insulation products contain Wraptech® high-density latex foam. This technology provides environmentally friendly performance

SempaTap® : combining thermal insulation
and sound absorption for walls and ceilings

Protecting against everyday noises that can adversely affect the comfort of a home or workplace, SempaTap® guarantees excellent sound absorption and effective thermal insulation. SempaTap® provides numerous advantages:

  • absorbs internal noise, including low frequencies (e.g. a child playing, music, surroundings, etc.) and reduces external noise,
  • guarantees the acoustic comfort of rooms (well-being with "cocoon effect"),
  • insulates walls and ceilings against the cold,
  • reduces heat loss and heating costs (faster room heating),
  • combats damp and thermal bridges.

SempaFloor® : real sound insulation for floors

SempaFloor® provides acoustic comfort against floor noises from neighbours, such as footsteps, floor impacts, etc. Wave goodbye to noise from the floor above! Any living or work surface where the flooring integrates SempaFloor® will also benefit from the following advantages:

  • levelling of surfaces in the room
  • great performance at a low thickness
  • more comfortable walking surface
  • cold floor reduction
  • energy savings and reduction of thermal bridges

SempaPhon® : perfect for sound insulation
on walls and internal partitions

SempaPhon® is an internal sound insulation solution, ideal for walls and light dividers or partitions. Providing an effective barrier against sound, it insulates against noise nuisance from the surrounding area and inside. The Mass-Spring-Mass (MSM) physical principle used by SempaPhon® ISO provides effective sound insulation.

SempaPhon® effectively stops everyday noises such as TVs, music, voices, etc. SempaPhon® ISO is the ideal sound insulation solution, offering comfort and peace for those living or working in a noisy external environment.

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