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Since 1979, Sempatap has been designing low-thickness insulation products for thermal and sound applications and sound absorption. Sempatap's expertise and know-how improve individual quality of life at home or at work. Not to mention that good heat insulation always means energy savings. Objective: to provide buildings professionals, design offices, developer-builders and individuals with effective, durable and environmentally friendly solutions that offer versatile, low-thickness insulation.

Good thermal insulation in summer and winter, for renovation and new construction

Sempatap develops thermal insulation solutions for renovation and new construction

For existing buildings, the "thermal colander" effects of a poorly insulated or uninsulated building are always regrettable. Today, nobody would consider a new building without effective thermal insulation. This is why Sempatap's low-thickness thermal insulation solutions are well received. They allow old accommodation, industrial, commercial or first-generation tertiary buildings to be brought up to standards. Moreover, they provide good thermal insulation in new buildings, with the significant advantage of their low thickness, which takes up little space, meaning more habitable surfaces. Good heat insulation from Sempatap helps to protect building interiors from the uncomfortable influence of temperature differences, in both summer and winter.

Sempatap offers buildings professionals adapted thermal insulation solutions for both new constructions and renovation, which are simple and quick to install on walls, ceilings and floors. SempaTap® and SempaFloor® are recommended and used for:

  • improving thermal comfort to create pleasant indoor temperatures,
  • combating thermal bridges,
  • saving energy by reducing heating and air conditioning consumption,
  • making constructions durable.

Sound insulation: stop noise nuisance

Sempatap has developed SempaPhon ISO, an effective soundproofing solution to stop sounds and noise nuisance.

Footsteps and impact noises, voices or loud machinery, all kinds of noise nuisance that combine to become unbearable in living and working spaces. SempaPhon® sound insulation boards exist to stop these noises with good insulation. they are particularly recommended for indoor insulation of thin walls and partitions.

SempaPhon® ISO is a real anti-noise barrier, which stops the internal propagation of noises from outside the room. It considerably improves living and working comfort for the occupants in rooms where it is installed.

Sound absorption: optimising acoustic comfort to limit noise resonance and reverberation

For optimum acoustic comfort without resonance or reverberation, trust Sempatap and its sound absorption solutions.

Good sound insulation in a room can neutralise the irritating effects of reverberation or resonance. To stop this annoying spread of noise inside a room, the SempaTap® range offers high-performance sound absorption solutions.

These solutions are universal, because there are as many uses for SempaTap® as there are noise issues. For example at work: open spaces, meeting rooms, corridors, reception areas, company restaurants… Or at home, in all the spaces where life is better without noise nuisance: lounges, bedrooms, games rooms, offices, bathrooms, adjoining garages, etc.

Certified low-thickness insulation expertise

Sempatap's low-thickness thermal insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption products are known for their quality. Many of them have been certified by public and private bodies, for example:

Sempatap is compliant with ISO 9001 requirements. Its quality process is part of a constant drive for customer satisfaction. Moreover, to respond to the demands and legitimate questions of customers about the optimum installation of its products, Sempatap has created its hotline, PREKOPRO®. Sempatap leaves nothing to chance when it comes to satisfying every customer!

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