Absorbs noise, keeps out the cold, protects against damp
and renovates your walls and ceilings!

SempaTap is a sound absorption solution for walls and ceilings.

Wraptech® technology allows each product in the SempaTap® range to combine the advantages of sound absorption, thermal insulation and crack protection. It also helps to combat damp and thermal bridges.

SempaTap® is the Wraptech® high-density latex lining range, which is ideal for the successful renovation of your walls and ceilings.

SempaTap® : its low thickness is its great advantage!

SempaTap® is one of the thinnest industrial insulation products on the market. Its excellent performance and exceptionally low thickness provide gains in usable surface and volume.

Compare the performances of SempaTap low-thickness insulator with other building materials.

Sound absorption by SempaTap®

Discover the sound absorption performances of SempaTap for low, medium and high frequencies (in Hertz/Hz).

This table shows the main thermal insulation and sound absorption characteristics of the SempaTap range.

As you may have noticed, Sempatap product names have changed. Find the matches between the old and new.

SempaTap Premium®

  • “5 in 1 Plus”: sound + thermal + damp + cracks + ready to paint
  • Ultra thin
  • Ultra effective: thermal, damp absorption, renovation
  • Ready to use
  • Ready to paint

SempaTap Original®

  • “4 in 1”: sound + thermal + damp + cracks
  • Energy saving 10 mm = 25%
  • Up to 60% sound absorption (ref. 10 mm)
  • Reduction of cold wall sensation
  • Ideal for renovating walls and ceilings
  • Breathable: barrier effect against mould and condensation
  • Optimum elongation for crack coverage
  • Ready to use

SempaTap Noflam®

  • “5 in 1”: sound + thermal + damp + cracks + low flammability
  • Ready to install
  • Reduction of cold wall sensation
  • Ideal for renovating walls and ceilings
  • Energy saving 10 mm = 25%
  • Breathable: barrier effect against moud and condensation
  • Low flammability

SempaTap decor®

  • “5 in 1 Plus”: sound + thermal + damp + cracks + ready to paint
  • Acoustic glass cloth
  • Available in 5 patterns
  • Ready to paint
  • Ideal for sound insulation and decorating public spaces

SempaTap Print®

  • “5 in 1 Plus”: sound + thermal + damp + cracks
  • Plus customisable decoration by digital printing

SempaTap Renov®

  • Crack and wall coverage
  • Coating roll
  • Wallpaper with primer
  • Flexible and rigid versions available

Essential complements and recommended tools, points to note for a successful application of your chosen SempaTap® product

Special adhesives, potential painting, joins, dealing with corners, recommended tools... all the information you need to successfully apply and finish your product. Please also pay attention to the actions to avoid.

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